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Free WiFi made possible by this revolutionary software

April 3, 2015

Isn't it interesting how people prefer WiFi over mobile network? Here are the few reasons why. Stability is the decisive element. A WiFi installed at home is much more stable than the mobile network which depends on the signal in the particular place you are travelling in. Next in the picture is cost. Have you ever come across any internet service provider offering unlimited mobile data? It is simply not feasible. But why do we have unlimited plans for WiFi? It is simply feasible. Hahahaha. The point I'm getting to is WiFi has unlimited advantages over mobile network. Suppose you are a very generous person and you want to treat your guest by offering them free WiFi. I am sure that would make them happy. They just need to search for your WiFi network, enter the password and start using it. The same thing is possible with mobile network as well. There is this another technology called Hotspot which would let you use the mobile network as your WiFi. Does it sound too good to be true? But reality is a bitch. Can you afford to be generous with your mobile data? Hell No.

free wifi

Now then would you want to cut down the costs of installing your own WiFi? I presume you sense the offer I am posing. Why do you want to waste money on the same thing each and every one of your neighbor’s are having. Am I asking you to knock everyone's doors and ask them "Dude give me your WiFi password!!" Even if I did would they give? Think for yourself. I am dead sure that you must have come across this "always-wanted-to-know-how-it-works" mysterious word hacking. That's right. And I am sure as well you would have read at least a dozen of articles on "how to hack wifi password" but nothing never ever really fucking works. But be prepared to be surprised this time. We are going to hack into our neighbor’s WiFi network. Getting cold feet about it? Don't worry!! You don't need to know any coding languages. As a matter of fact, you don't need to know anything at all. You are just few clicks away from cracking your neighbor’s costly WiFi network with the help of this legendary wifi unlocker software "The Wifi Hacker 2015".

How to have a free netflix account

April 3, 2015

Free Netflix account and password

Free Netflix account and password is the wish of all serious TV serial and movie watchers out there. It isn't like you don't have a television which is yours and you rely on some online source of streaming media content. It is just like the difference between rushing on the queue to get tickets for some James Cameron movie and watching the same movie lying so still on your sofa set with no real tension of anything and having all the time alone to yourself and no one else besides your cinema seat to judge you with your tasty popcorn. People are mad for preferences. I prefer to watch anything be it movies or sports or tv serials or even porn alone.  And I am sure most of you can relate to this thing of mine to have time for yourself while watching whatever that is you are watching. But why make a Netflix account using your hard-earned money just for the sake of entertainment when you can get the same Netflix for free. Still I'd voice my opinion that if you are planning to spend the even least amount of your money towards entertainment you should go for Netflix. BTW I am outrageous at people who waste the money they got out of sweating tears and blood out when they could get it totally for free. Suggestion Like this I suggested my friend this Netflix premium generator which he used and the next moment precisely to say he was ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

 Unlimited Account Generation:free netflix accounts

Once he was done. the free Netflix account he got which was supposedly fake was working. Mocking him, I was giving a mock ROFL. The free Netflix account embarrassed him. That is irrelevant anyway. We all are dogs. Admit it or not if I throw free Netflix accounts at you, wouldn't you catch it? Here I am referring the software which is going to freely entertain zillions (that is too big a figure) at least millions. You will get one Netflix free account every time you click on the generate button of this piece of gem free Netflix generator. Scams are surely scams. I’ve been fooled by many big titles of the pages labelled "free Netflix account that works". Distinguishing the bullshit (scammers all over the world) and the real shit (free Netflix generator) is my thing. I'm offering the real shit I'm not offering by any means I don’t claim any ownership to this software. But I would be proud to own this software free Netflix generator which would just churn out free Netflix accounts and passwords. For Netflix is all I got for the loner I am and the entertainment it provides.

PayPal Money Adder is the new age revelation!

April 3, 2015


This Thursday the day of my life my girlfriend's birthday and I have to gift her something really awesome. This is what I was thinking 2 weeks before and now we are getting married in another weeks’ time. I don’t want to bore you guys with my crazy romantic stunts. You guys must have had television and movies about it. But I have something which might grab your attention. Diamond ring is what made my few-weeks-before girlfriend, now fiancé and soon-to-be wife accept my proposal. Now then, 3 week before I arranged funds from family, friends and neighbors and I hardly arrived at a amount not even enough to buy her a normal low-branded watch. Out of the blue, I came across this PayPal money adder software. It wasn't out of the blue exactly. Raped the google search button for different things and I arrived at it finally. This PayPal money adder generates PayPal free money. How much though? I bought a diamond ring. Take a guess how much you could generate using this PayPal money generator. I told about this to a couple of my friends. Even they laughed it off. They were questioning me "is PayPal money adder real?" Then I told them I wouldn't lie about my marriage because this is the reason for our marriage now. That is the same thing I want to tell all of the skeptics out there. PayPal money adder is the real deal. Hear it again. PayPal money adder is real. I am not selling this PayPal money generator software by any means. I am just too excited about my marriage. I feel like I owe this PayPal money adder software one testimonial.

free money paypal

How to get free PayPal money?

Don’t scream guys!! I am getting there. PayPal money adder exe will be there within the downloaded file. You just have to open it and it is just a small dialog box with one text box and one call to action button. The text box demands you the money you require in your paypal account. And the call to action button which is labelled as "Add money" initiates the transfer proceedings which gets the money from PayPal excessive funds and probably after 16-18 hours the transaction will be completed successfully.

There are a variety of reasons why this PayPal free money is just what every guy needs. One because its free. Two because it’s absolutely free. Three because its completely free. Now if you will excuse me guys, I need to generate a couple of thousand dollars more for my marriage related stuffs. Thank you guys. Be happy. Make your girlfriend happy!